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The difference between relay and contactor

The essential difference between relay and contactor is that the load is different

Current status of electrical performance testing technology for contactors

The research on dynamic detection technology of contactors with contact points and other switchgear mainly focuses on several aspects.

The main structure of the contactor

The AC contactor uses the main contact to control the circuit, and uses the auxiliary contact to conduct the control circuit.

Main categories of contactors

According to the form of the main contact connection circuit, it is divided into: DC contactor and AC contactor. According to the operating mechanism, it is divided into: electromagnetic contactor and permanent magnet contactor.

The working principle of the contactor

The working principle of a DC contactor is similar to that of a temperature switch.

The role of the contactor device

The contactor is suitable for frequent operation and remote control, and is one of the important components in the automatic control system.

The main function of the relay

Relay is an automatic switching element with isolation function. It is widely used in remote control, telemetry, communication, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment. It is one of the most important control elements.

Development status of circuit breakers

Common circuit breakers are low-voltage circuit breakers and vacuum circuit breakers.

Wiring method of circuit breaker

Circuit breaker wiring methods include front board, back board, plug-in type, and drawer type. If users have no special requirements, they will be supplied in front of the board. The front board wiring is a common wiring method.

Working conditions of circuit breakers

Circuit breakers can be used to distribute electrical energy, start asynchronous motors infrequently, and protect power lines and motors.