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ZC1 Contactor 9~95A CJX2-1210
ZC1 contactor CJX2-1210 needs to connect and disconnect the circuit remotely; protect the circuit from overload whe... > More
ZC1 Contactor 9~95A CJX2-9511
When installing ZC1 contactor 9~95A CJX2-9511, the inclination between the installation plane and the vertical pl... > More
ZR2 Thermal Overload Relay
Thermal overload relays are used for motor overload protection, and there are many types. The thermal overload relay i... > More
Contactor Accessories
The contactor is mainly composed of auxiliary contacts, pneumatic timers, contactor coils and other accessories. In a ... > More
ZQ1 DOL Electromagnetic Starter
Electromagnetic starter is a starting device used in CCS motors with a standard greater than 0.5KW. Other marine ... > More
ZJ20 Series AC Contactor
ZJ20 series AC contactor (hereinafter referred to as contactor), mainly used for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated workin... > More
TM1 Series MCCB
TM1 series moulded case circuit breaker is a new type breaker which is applied with rated insulating voltage 800V(500... > More
TM2 Series MCCB
The MCCB is advantageous for its compact body,high breaking capacity (some even on flying arc),short arc-casting an... > More
ZM3-63 MCB(New Type With Indicator) Mini Circuit Breaker
Miniature circuit breakers are used for overload and short-circuit protection of lighting, distribution lines and equip... > More
KM7-63 MCB Mini Circuit Breaker
The working environment of miniature circuit breakers requires that the upper limit of ambient air temperature does not... > More
ZL2 Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker
It can be used as infrequent changeover of the line in normal situation. It is applicable to industrial area, commerci... > More
Z60 Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Z60 series residual current breaker (without over-current protection) is suitable for the line of AC 50/60Hz,voltage... > More